Guys I’ll be at summer camp most of the summer, for seven weeks in Vermont! So yeah I won’t be posting anything and I didn’t have time for a queue but I’ll definitely be back in august! Hope you have a great summer! 😘

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one of your favorite celebrities could be masturbating right now 




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my brain has too many tabs open

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People want to believe gender is something that’s essential, and people repeat these essentialist ideas all the time. “Oh, women do that” and “Oh, men do that” and the reality is that all women don’t anything. We as individuals do what we do, you know, and sometimes that’s informed by gender and sometimes it’s just who we are. And I think all that just makes people really, really uncomfortable because they don’t want to think about who they are. —Laverne Cox (via ancient-serpent)

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In one single rant, Dean covered about 75% of the human emotional spectrum. 

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If you’re anything like me, you spend countless hours binge-watching your favorite television shows, dancing to the songs that move you, and just generally consuming a lot of media.

That means that it is inevitable that some of the things you encounter and love are problematic. After all, we just don’t live in that feminist utopia we dream of (at least not yet).

So what are we do to do when we encounter something that we love that is also deeply problematic? When nearly everything we come across utilizes narratives about gender, race, and sexuality in ways we just aren’t down with as activists, what should we do?

There is no need to write yourself off for loving something that doesn’t fit into a feminist framework. You aren’t a bad person for loving a song with misogynist lyrics or for getting caught up in the latest season of Game of Thrones.

As the Social Justice League writes in their guide to being a fan of problematic things, we can expect texts to be problematic because they are created by humans, and the truth is that we are all imperfect.

However, it is still our responsibility as feminists to learn to consume that media responsibly.

Thinking Critically About Problematic Media: A Basic How-To Guide — Everyday Feminism (via becauseiamawoman)
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Ahhh, I know this is a bit sad, but you know those feelings? ): There are just those times where it hurts the most.

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Now some of the best feelings to contrast my last drawing (worst feelings)! :D



Question: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you

Peter/Sylvester: *mumbling* oh i dont know….

Audience member: “A GRANDDAUGHTER”



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Little Miss Drinking Coffee by Vanessa Van Meerhaeghe

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The Golden Triominimalist typography

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There are certain types of songs that just scream SUMMER. Some jams can make you smile bigger than you can remember, or give you a feeling of nostalgia that pouts your mind at ease. Some have you dancing around your room singing into your hairbrush. This is where I attempt to bring some of those upbeat jams together. ~(Listen Here)~

  1. Do You Want Me (Dead) - All Time Low
  2. Dakota - A Rocket To The Moon
  3. Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy
  4. From The Start - Late Nite Reading
  5. The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls
  6. I Believe - Basic Vacation
  7. In Love With A Girl - Gavin DeGraw
  8. Longer Than Forever - Divided By Friday
  9. Mr Right - A Rocket To The Moon
  10. This Is The End - The Maine
  11. Young Volcanoes - Fall Out Boy
  12. Boomerang - The Summer Set
  13. Celebrity Status - Marianas Trench
  14. Hot - Avril Lavigne
  15. Another You (Another Way) - Against The Current
  16. Always Summer - Yellowcard
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*clicks on every link and spends the rest of my night like*

Literally what I did..



avoiding schoolwork 


Thor making a series of vines where he hands the other Avengers mjolnir casually like ‘hold this’ when they’re not paying attention and obviously they fall over and it’s hilarious

and he tries to do it to Steve and he’s like ‘hold this, Steve’ and without looking up from his paper Steve’s like ‘sure’ and takes it off if him, he just calmly holds it and continues to read

The rest of the vine is just Thor’s stunned and impressed expression

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